Welcome to Harvey’s Kidney Kampaign website. The website will provide you with information about my need for a kidney transplant and a resource for you to learn more about living kidney donation.

I became aware of my kidney condition, PKD, (Polycystic Kidney Disease) in 1986 and proactively managed the PKD, a genetic disease for over 20 years. PKD affects both kidneys and over the years, cysts develop and decrease the kidneys function. In 2006, I learned that I would need a kidney transplant.

In February 2007 I had a kidney transplant. I was fortunate that my wife, Amy, was a compatible donor.
After the transplant, I established the LKDN, (Living Kidney Donors Network,) recognizing that most people who were in need of a kidney transplant were not actively pursuing living donation…and that their major obstacle was understanding the living donation process and their misconception that they had to “ask” someone to donate a kidney.
 The primary goal of the LKDN is to educate individuals about living kidney donation and prepare them to effectively communicate their need to family members and friends. We reinforce the concept of “telling your story” rather than “asking” someone to donate, a subtle but very important distinction. 

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